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Tout commence par un rêve.
Mini -Tartes
Discover the brand new line Cédric Grolet for Pavoni Italia
“Each silicone mould has been designed with small variations, small details that will give the finished product a handcrafted appeal and true added value. There are three types of moulds - cake pan, a mould for single portions and a mould for decorating mini tarts - all centred around my iconic creations: the lemon, the hazelnut and the chestnut. I am truly proud to present to you our new line: Cédric Grolet for Pavoni Italia”.
Cédric Grolet
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the recipes by Pastry Chef Cédric Grolet
created for his new moulds line
Tout commence par un rêve.
“Pavoni Italia and I were immediately on the same wavelength and I’m happy to be able to present our project to the world, which was the result of marvellous teamwork. The company knew how to transform my ideas, my sketches, to create unique products that will allow pastry chefs from all over the world to achieve simply perfect results”.
2016, Meilleur Chef Pâtissier - Prix Relais Desserts
2017, Meilleur Chef Pâtissier restaurant du monde

2018, Meilleur Chef Pâtissier du monde 
Cédric Grolet
Cédric Grolet, Chef Pâtissier, born in 1985 in Firminy, pastry chef since the age of thirteen, arrived in Paris  in 2006 to work firstly in Fauchon and then, in 2011, in the luxury hotel Le Meurice, under Alain Ducasse. 
He immediately began to amaze everyone with his ideas and original touch, his devotion to perfection and  almost obsessive attention to detail, passing in a short time from Sous Chef to Executive Chef Pâtissier. 

His rapid ascent in the world of pastry-making is the result of his extraordinary technical ability combined  with an incredible sense of aesthetics. Chef Grolet very quickly achieved goals and success that established him as a young star worldwide and a key figure for modern pastry-making

In 2017 he published his first book by Alain Ducasse EditionFRUITS”, a title that represents him well: fruit is the trademark of his haute couture patisserie, its consistency, tastes and colours are always respected, and which is well researched and studied to create products that touch on hyperrealism. 

In March 2018, he opened the first patisserie in his name, just a stone’s throw from Le Meurice, an ambitious goal and only the beginning of a project that will involve many more openings in Europe and throughout the world.
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